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IAL Launches New Arbitration Blog


In connection with the overhaul of the website, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new blog.


The blog aims to put forth innovative thinking and cast different perspectives on current issues in arbitration, and ultimately generate new solutions for practitioners and investors around the globe.


In its initial phase, the blog’s contributors will include lawyers from Lazareff Le Bars and a small contingent from Girard Gibbs, as well as a group of selected academics. The IAL editors expect the circle of blog contributors to increase in the coming months.


“I think the IAL blog will play a unique role in the arbitration arena because we intend to endorse creative thinking and new ideas that spark reflection on the way professionals and investors approach arbitration. The world of arbitration is really exciting right now because it is constantly evolving and is increasingly a preferred option for dispute resolution. In some areas, it is like a blank canvas; the potential to structure and influence the practice of arbitration is enormous”, says Benoit Le Bars, managing partner at Lazareff Le Bars.


If you are interested in contributing to the blog, please contact