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Lazareff Le Bars Launches Online Edition of MIDAA


As evidence of its commitment to furthering investment, entrepreneurship and the development of sound dispute resolution mechanisms in Africa, Lazareff Le Bars launched an online edition of its magazine MIDAA (Magazine International des Affaires en Afrique) on 18 January 2017.

For the past 4 years, the magazine has reported on economic, legal and cultural challenges facing Africa from the point of view of investors and entrepreneurs. The magazine will now be accessible online and updated regularly with articles published in both English and French.

Key to its motivation in providing broader access to MIDAA via its online edition, is Lazareff Le Bars’ firm belief that investment and arbitration go hand in hand. The gained trust in arbitration institutions across Africa will continue to stimulate investors who will be less hesitant to engage in complex commercial relationships involving businesses, investors and states and, as a result, the economy in Africa will benefit.

To learn more about MIDAA, visit: