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Release of the Official English Translation of OHADA Treaty and OHADA Uniform Acts


The long-awaited English version of the OHADA Treaty and OHADA Uniform Acts has now been formally published in the Special Edition Nov. 2016 –  OFFICIAL BULLETIN OF OHADA: COMPILATION OF TREATIES AND UNIFORM ACTS – Official Translation.

The US-based Foundation for a Unified Business Law in Africa (“Foubla”), whose goal is to foster the advancement of OHADA legislation in English-speaking countries, was instrumental in producing the OHADA texts in English thanks to support from the office of the OHADA Permanent Secretary, and funding from the World Bank and Unida Chapter US.

This significant development will undoubtedly help spread the practice of OHADA arbitration across Africa and further its image as an investor friendly continent. This will also help access the uniform system of business law west African countries share to facilitate investment in their region.

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